+ Fully heeled after 5 weeks 
+ Aftercare done and used correctly 
+ No redness


+ No need for top up
+ Every hairstoke there full of pigment

+ Patch Test Required 15 minutes

Patch tests are compulsory at BASE!
The patch test must be carried out 24/48 hours before your treatment.
Also if any medical history has changed a further new patch test is needed.
And if you have had the treatment at BASE but you haven’t had it for over 6 month A NEW TEST IS REQUIRED. When booking online it stated that a patch test is required and also on your email reminder. Please remember to pop in for it as we don’t always have the time to call you to remind you. Please check your emails as a consultation also needs to be filled out prior to your treatment.

Microblading Consultation 15 minutes

Microblading 1st Treatment 2 hours

Price: £150.00 (£50 deposit required on booking)

4-6 Week Top Up - Microblading 1 hour, 30 minutes

Price: £50.00

6-11 Month Top Up 1 hour, 15 minutes

Price: £100.00

12-18 Month Top Up 1 hour, 30 minutes

Price: £150.00